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Material Safety Data

Stability : Stable. Decomposes above 135ºC.
Conditions to Avoid : Extremes of temperature and direct sunlight.
Materials to Avoid : Strong oxidizing agents.
Hazardous Decomposition Products :

Hazardous decomposition products are not expected to form during normal storage. At high temperatures, will decompose to ammonia and carbon dioxide. If burnt, will emit nitrogen oxides, ammonia and cyan uric acid.

Acute Oral Toxicity :

Expected to be of low toxicity:LD50 > 5000 mg/kg, Rat

Acute Dermal Toxicity : Expected to be of low toxicity:LD50 > 5000 mg/kg, Rabbit
Acute Inhalation Toxicity : Not considered to be an inhalation hazard under normal conditions of use.
skin Irritation :

Not expected to be a hazard.

Eye Irritation : Not expected to be a hazard.
Respiratory Irritation : Inhalation of vapors or mists may cause irritation.
Sensitization : Not expected to be a skin sensitiser.
Repeated Dose Toxicity : Not expected to be a hazard.
Mutagenicity : Not considered a mutagenic hazard.
Carcinogenicity : Components are not known to be associated with carcinogenic effects.
Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity : Not expected to be a hazard.

Eco-toxicological data have not been determined specifically for this product. Information given is based on knowledge of the components and the eco-toxicology of similar products.

Acute Toxicity :

Expected to be practically non toxic: LL/EL/IL50 > 100 mg/l (LL/EL50 expressed as the nominal amount of product required to prepare aqueous test extract).

Mobility : Large volumes may penetrate soil and could contaminate ground water.
Persistence/degradability : Readily biodegradable.
Bioaccumulation : Not expected to bio-accumulate significantly.
Other Adverse Effects :

Not expected to have ozone depletion potential, photochemical ozone creation potential or global warming potential. Will exert oxygen demand when significant quantities enter watercourses and may cause damage to aquatic life.