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What is DEF/BlueChem®?What are its application and benefits?


The Product


     DEF/BlueChem® is made by diluting high quality Urea crystals with high quality De-mineralized water to a 32.5% concentration. This makes DEF/BlueChem® extremely safe to handle and transport both on board vehicles as well as for distribution.

Once DEF/BlueChem® is released into the exhaust via a controlled dosing unit the water vaporizes leaving ammonia molecules free to travel into the catalytic converter where it reacts and neutralizes the NOx molecules. A major consideration needs to be paid to the compatibility of parts on any equipment used to handle, transport or dispense DEF/BlueChem®. As a guide only plastic or stainless steel are fully compatible whilst alloys including copper should be avoided at all time.


Application and Benefits


     SCR vehicles/above Euro3 standard diesel engines will be fitted with a tank to house DEF/BlueChem®. Users will be expected to fill up with DEF/BlueChem® using a Varity of equipment but in practice the filling procedure will be similar to that of diesel but to a much lesser quantity given that the dosing rate is only 5% compare to diesel. Cost savings are achieved from the fact that the SCR truck engine runs at a higher engine-pressure with significant lower fuel consumption as a positive result.