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Material Safety Data

General Information : Not expected to be a health hazard when used
    under normal conditions.
Inhalation : No treatment necessary under normal conditions of use.
    If symptoms persist, obtain medical advice.
Skin Contact : Remove contaminated clothing. Flush exposed area with water
    and follow by washing with soap if available.
    irritation occurs, obtain medical attention.
Eye Contact : Flush eye with copious quantities of water.
    If persistent irritation occurs, obtain medical attention.
Ingestion : In general no treatment is necessary unless large quantities
    are swallowed, however, get medical advice.
Advice to Physician : Treat symptomatically.

Clear fire area of all non-emergency personnel.

Specific Hazards : When heated, releases ammonia and when heated to
    decomposition it emits toxic fumes of nitrogen oxides,
    ammonia and cyan uric acid.
Suitable Extinguishing Media : Foam, water spray or fog. Dry chemical powder, carbon -dioxide, sand or earth may be used for small fires only.
Unsuitable Extinguishing Media : Do not use water in a jet.
Protective Equipment for Firefighters : Proper protective equipment including breathing apparatus must be worn when approaching a fire in a confined space.

Avoid contact with spilled or released material. For guidance on selection of personal protective equipment see Chapter 8 of this Material Safety Data Sheet. See Chapter 13 for information on disposal. Observe the relevant local and international regulations.

Protective measures Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use appropriate containment
  to avoid environmental contamination. Prevent from spreading
  or entering drains, ditches or rivers by using sand, earth,
  or other appropriate barriers.
Clean Up Methods Prevent from spreading by making a barrier with sand, earth or
  other containment material. Reclaim liquid directly or in an
  absorbent. Soak up residue with an absorbent such as clay,
  sand or other suitable material and dispose off properly.