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Material Safety Data

Material Disposal :

Recover or recycle if possible. It is the responsibility of the waste generator to determine the toxicity and physical properties of the material generated to determine the proper waste classification and disposal methods in compliance with applicable regulations. Do not dispose into the environment, in drains or in water courses.

Container Disposal :

Dispose in accordance with prevailing regulations, preferably to a recognized collector or contractor. The competence of the collector or contractor should be established beforehand.

Local Legislation :

Disposal should be in accordance with applicable regional, national, and local laws and regulations.

RID, ADR, ADNR and IMDG : This material is not classified as dangerous according to the Dangerous Goods Code. This material is not classified as dangerous under IMDG regulations.
IATA (Country variations may apply) :

This material is either not classified as dangerous under IATA regulations or needs to follow country specific requirements.


The regulatory information is not intended to be comprehensive. Other regulations may apply to this material. Not classed as hazardous material according to EC Directive 67/548/EC and therefore no obligation for registration.

MSDS Distribution : The information in this document should be made available to all who may handle the product.
Disclaimer :

This information is based on our current knowledge and is intended to describe the product for the purposes of health, safety and environmental requirements only. It should not therefore be construed as guaranteeing any specific property of the product.